"The wild wooded hills of Syöte provide an ideal setting for many activities. Ski-trek through the magical snow-covered winter forests, or pedal up hill and down dale along the park's fine mountain-biking routes. The log cabin sauna at Ahmatupa in the heart of the park is a great place to soothe your body and soul."


Winter camping course in Syöte national park 3 days

The price includes taxes, online course and guidance.



Moderate level. The weather can change quickly during the trip.

3 days

Sleeping overnight in tents in the forest and if possible, in a wilderness cottage.

Online course

The online course is part of this course. We talk about the preparation, equipment list and hiking food before starting the excursion. The online course will be held one month before the course starting date.

Winter camping gear

You can borrow winter camping equipment from friends/relatives or rent them from outdoor stores or online if you do not have your own equipment yet. Additional information.

Group size

The maximum size of the group is 6 people.

Who can join?

For those who are interested in winter hiking, or would like to try a new hobby.

You are planning a winter backcountry hiking.

The course is suitable for people who have previous summer hiking experience and also staying overnight in the forest. Participants do not need to have winter hiking experience.

This course does not require any previous winter hiking experience and you do not need to have your own winter camping equipment. Additional information about equipment if you are missing it.

One day of the winter course is about 5 to 10 kilometers long, and we take breaks at regular intervals.

During the course, we hike about 18 kilometers long in total. We move using snowshoes, sliding snowshoes, forest or backcountry skis and we sleep overnight in tents or in a wilderness cottage if possible. The equipment is transported using an expedition sledge. You can get to know the winter hiking equipment in the link.

Registration by email at or SMS +358 443 041 863. Tell us which course you would like to join. The first payment is 75 € for booking fee, and I will send you the bill through email. Remember to pay the rest of the winter course one month before the starting date. You will be added to a WhatsApp group, where hikers can get to know each other and agree about transportation if needed. Participants will also receive a link for our online part of the course and detailed information about the winter hiking.

Course contents

What is winter hiking?

Which kind of equipment is needed for overnight excursion in winter?

What kind of previous skills you should have if you are hiking in the cold and the dark?

How to navigate into the winter nature?

How do we dress properly in very variable weather?

How do you assemble a tent in winter?

We practice proper camping routines.

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+358 443 041 863 (only text message and video call)