Camping courses

By wilderness guide Sakari Belghiti

Henkireikä Outdoor organizes camping courses. 

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Are you planning going hiking? Are you already interested in hiking, but you want to learn how to do it properly? Is hiking your thing? Come to try and learn! If you participate in Henkireikä Outdoor´s courses, you will get useful information about hiking and the correct preparation to ensure better experiences.

Camping courses

Course contents

What kind of equipments are needed for hiking?

How to dress correctly in different weather conditions in the countryside?

Learn how to use an outdoor map and its markers.

How to navigate in the nature?

What kind of camping stove do you need for hiking?

Practice camping routines.

What kind of food do we eat while hiking in the nature?

Learn how to prepare a backpack properly.

Which types of camping options are available?

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