Winter courses

By wilderness guide Sakari Belghiti

Henkireikä outdoor organizes winter camping courses. Choose a camping destination and read more! 

If you already have a hiking experience, but you can't wait until the summer hiking season. Why don´ t you go on a winter hiking? You can find great winter camping courses with us! You can try a wonderful winter hiking easily and safely. Get to know the basics of winter hiking and stay overnights in the amazing winter nature with Henkireikä Outdoor.

Course contents

What is winter hiking?

Which kind of equipment is needed for overnight excursion in winter?

What kind of previous skills you should have if you are hiking in the cold and the dark?

How to navigate into the winter nature?

How do we dress properly in very variable weather?

How do you assemble a tent in winter?

How to get water in winter?

We practice proper camping routines.

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