Camping equipment rental

Why do we rent the equipment?

The popularity of camping in Finland is growing fast, there are many new hikers, and some of them do not have experience walking in the nature yet. It is not known what equipment is really needed, or it may occur that the wrong or unnecessary equipment is purchased.

Starting a camping trip is usually a big expense if you do not already have your own equipment. Sometimes the people buy the cheapest equipment in order to go camping quickly, but it is not always necessarily the smartest solution or the most environmentally friendly.

Maybe you do not want to buy anything because you do not know if camping is your thing. Renting or borrowing equipment is the best option for you! Because you do not need to worry about how to sell the purchased equipment afterwards.

I recommend you to borrow the equipment from family, friends or acquaintance, and rent the rest from a store or online. While hiking or camping, you get to know your borrowed equipment and then you understand better what you really need, and you can make purchases reasonably and even save money. Our goal is to protect the nature, and if you participate in our courses, you will get better information and useful tips from a professional guide.

Where you can rent camping equipment? Links can be found below.



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° Scandinavian Outdoor