Welcome to Henkireikä Outdoor!

Henkireikä Outdoor organizes camping courses, guides hiking in the nature, and also wild foraging courses in nearby nature.

In our activities, we want to show you the original and real Finnish nature, which you can see, feel, taste and understand with your own eyes just exactly the way it is. You will also get to create memories for yourself and understand more about why the nature must be protected for the next generations.

Our services offer hiking and skiing with your own muscles strength. We ensure that our trekking and courses are trash-free, bringing our own garbage back home or to the eco-point. We respect nature, animals, and our customers.

We offer courses where you can learn to identify awesome wild native herbs, how to process, use and preserve them. Wild herbs may be found right under your feet when you are standing in the nature, surrounding you, while you have not even notice them!

Nature is not like a hobby or an "office" for my company, it is my colleague and soulmate. We share our resources and take care of each other, including you! It has always been our home, but we have only forgot it.

Our service is destined for nature-loving sign language and hearing people! We have an interpreter with us for hearing participants. Sign language participants receive services in sign language by a sign language instructor directly from us!

Camping courses

Suitable if you have plans for hiking or you are interested in camping. In the courses you will learn useful information about trekking to help you to start! Additional information


Join to our hikes in various locations from summer to autumn. You get new experiences and more tips about hiking from a professional guide. Challenge yourself and learn more. I encourage you! Additional information

Wild foraging courses

Get to know the fantastic green treasures of Finland according to "everyman´ s right". Recognize and learn how to handle, use and preserve native wild herbs. Additional information

Winter courses

You can get to know and try winter overnight camping in winter nature. Additional information

Winter hikes

Winter backcountry hikes in various locations. You can ski in the wonderland of the winter effortlessly and safely. Additional information

Sign language user guide

Our services are suitable for both sign language users and hearing participants. You will receive sign language services directly from us in Finnish or International Sign Language. We have an interpreter for hearing participants.

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