Lectures and experiences

Henkireikä Outdoor organizes private wild foraging tours and nature experiences as well as lectures for companies, associations and family courses.

Nature experiences and excursions

- Walking using snowshoes in the nearby nature or national parks during the winter.

- Autumn hikes into the wilderness during the fall.

- A day trip in nearby nature or a national park.

Wild foraging tours

Let's walk together on a wild foraging tour in the nearby countryside and taste herbal tea or a cold herbal drink during the break.

You will receive tips about where to find the most common native wild herbs and how to use them for cooking at home, home wellness as well as for drinks/tea.


Various topics related to nature.

° Summer and autumn hiking.

° Winter hiking.

° Native wild herbs.

° Food from native wild herbs.

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SMS +358 443 041 863.