Wild foraging courses

Photo. Silva Belghiti
Photo. Silva Belghiti
Photo. Ida Tokola
Photo. Ida Tokola

I finished my wild foraging instructor training in 2022. I have been studying self-taught, training with wild herbs and preparing various delicious dishes since five years in total. My strengths are cooking, make herbal spices and drinks. The information about wild herbs is endless, so I am constantly learning new things. Herbal cosmetics is not my field, but I guide about wellness on a general level, for example with herbal foot baths and back treatments with wild herbs ´´´aroma in the sauna as an experience.´´´´´

Wild foraging guide Sakari Belghiti

Wild foraging course - What is it? And why?

° Course duration 2-5 hours depending on content and raw materials.

° Course price 40-100€

° New hobby, lifestyle, and interest about wild herbs.

° Collect your own native herbs with the guidance of an expert.

° Local nature superfoods are free!

° Outdoors in nature.

° After the course, you will see the local nature with completely new eyes and realize what a treasure trove surrounds us with its many species of herbs.

° You will get information about the properties of native herbs and how to use them.

° After the course, you can prepare delicious meals with native herbs, herbal teas and everything at home!


Wild foraging course for those interested

Advanced foraging

Cooking course of wild foraging

Wild foraging drinks tasting

Private foraging

Wild foraging courses are arranged in Pilpan maja. Pilpan maja is a lodge for outdoor recreation maintained by Puijon Latu ry in Neulaniemi area, on the shore of the beautiful Kallavesi lake.

Course location

Pilpan maja

Pilpantie 261, Kuopio

  • The nearest parking area: Pilpantie 177, Kuopio
  • Turn from Leväsentie to Puuilo. You can access Pilpantie through the northwest corner of the parking field underpass. On the Pilpa road, 700 meters before the hut, there is a parking lot with cars (locked barrier).
  • Note! Pilpantie is narrow, but there are more parking spaces and spreads along the way, where you can avoid oncoming cars.
  • From the parking area (700 m) service road or walking route along Pörrönpolku (800m)

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