About the guide

Photo: Nelli-Sofia Tarvajärvi

Hi! I am Sakari Belghiti and deaf/sign language, and the founder of Henkireikä Outdoor. I have completed my training studies as a wilderness guide and wild foraging instructor. I have more than ten years of experience exploring the nature, and five years of wild herbs foraging. During my free time, I enjoy picking mushrooms, picking berries, hiking, fly fishing, winter hiking, skiing and spending time in my summer cottage.

I enjoy being in the nature and going hiking during the four seasons. The nature is important to me for maintaining well-being, guiding and experiencing silence. Nature has become part of my hobbies and lifestyle. It taught me to become a person who respects nature and animals.


° Hygiene passport.

° First Aid Card (EFR)

° Poimijakortti (Official wild herbs´ picker card)

° Driving License