"Scanning the open marshes of Patvinsuo you might be lucky enough to see a distant bear, though bears typically do their best to avoid people. From viewing towers you can overlook the changing marshland scene on misty autumn mornings, light summer nights, or in the springtime when birds flock to the bogs to feed and breed. After a nice walk take a cooling dip by a sandy shore or the lakeside sauna at Suomunjärvi."


Winter expedition in Patvinsuo national park 4 days

The price includes taxes, online meeting and guidance.



Moderate level. The weather can change quickly during the trip.

4 days

Sleeping overnight in tents in the forest.

Winter camping gear

You can borrow winter camping equipment from friends/relatives or rent them from outdoor stores or online if you do not have your own equipment yet. Additional information.

Group size

The maximum size of the group is 6 people.

Online meeting

We discuss about hiking planning, equipment, and meeting place. Questions and answers. The online meeting is held one month before the hiking starting date.

Who can join?

This expedition requires previous experience: sleeping overnight in a tent in winter, basic skiing skills and the ability to ski using a sledge for 10 km day trips.

If you do not have experience yet, we recommend to participate in some of our winter camping courses. You can read the course information here.

The participation in this activity requires a little previous winter hiking experience and basic skiing skills, but you do not need to have your own winter hiking equipment. More information about winter hiking equipment in this link.

Skiing is possible with forest or backcountry skis and using an expedition sledge. Ski trips vary from about 5 to 10 kilometers depending on the weather conditions, and we take breaks at regular intervals. In the area, the weather changes quickly and is unpredictable. For this reason, it may be needed to camp at anytime. We ski a total of about 40 to 50 kilometers long, which can still change according to the situation of the route. You can get to know about winter hiking equipment needed in this link.

We practice and learn more winter hiking skills during the expedition in the terrain. You will learn a lot of new useful information about winter expedition, how to navigate the terrain, read a trekking map, as well as camping routines.

Registration by email or SMS +358 443 041 863. Tell me which hike you would like to join. The first payment is 100€ for booking fee, and I will send the bill through email. Remember to pay the rest of the winter hiking one month before the starting date. You will be added to a WhatsApp group, where participants can get to know each other and agree about transportation if needed. The participants also receive a link for an online meeting and more detailed information about the winter skiing expedition.

Suomu Nature information hut car parking

Suomuntie 54, Lieksa

+358 443 041 863 (only text message and video call)